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About Ama Phyllis

Three Thistles became part of my life's journey in 2004 when 'it came to me'. The focus changed somewhat to reflect my lifestyle of eating local and organic produce, using environmentally friendly products and, most important, helping local people who make and supply what I need.

After two years, a vision came to me to develop the building behind the house into a beautiful loft apartment and a yoga studio. This has become the base for a 'healing center' that is ongoing and evolving. Guests and visitors are a part of this journey and this vision.

Ama PhyllisOver time and talking with my guests, we realize this half-acre of land in Mahone Bay is very special; the house and grounds have a feel that just comes to you, it radiates peace, positive energy and love.

In the summer of 2008, Rosemarie Lohnes (Helping Nature Heal) began working on the healing gardens, establishing a pond, vegetable and shrub beds and a lovely border bringing it all together. Charles Hubbard visited to show me where the earth's energy lines are located and how to work with them.

So, I realize now that Three Thistles is not just a Bed & Breakfast; it is much more. I welcome you to share this special place on Mother Earth.

Ama Phyllis